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20 Dangerous Security Flaws in Xiaomi Devices

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ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) Mobile app security company OverSecure has identified 20 critical vulnerabilities in Xiaomi devices that can lead to leakage of sensitive data such as personal information and private phone data. If left unchecked, these security flaws can also lead to remote access to your device.

However, OverSecure immediately informed Xiaomi about these security issues and the company has already released a fix for them. But it can still be a threat to those who haven’t updated their phone or haven’t received the latest security patch yet.
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The security flaws affect both MIUI and HyperOS, the latter being a rebranded version of MIUI. Affected applications include well-known ones such as Gallery, Mi Video, Settings, and several others. Interestingly, some of these vulnerabilities stem from changes Xiaomi made to its AOSP (Android Open Source Project) applications, which include more rigorous testing and better security protocols during the update process, pointing out the need for

List of affected applications

  • Gallery (com.miui.gallery)
  • GetApps (com.xiaomi.mipicks)
  • Mi Video (com.miui.videoplayer)
  • MIUI Bluetooth (com.xiaomi.bluetooth)
  • Phone Services (com.android.phone)
  • Print Spooler (com.android.printspooler)
  • Security (com.miui.securitycenter)
  • Security Core Component (com.miui.securitycore)
  • Settings (com.android.settings)
  • ShareMe (com.xiaomi.midrop)
  • System Tracer (com.android.traceur)
  • Xiaomi Cloud (com.miui.cloudservice)

Since these are all system apps, they have more privileges than third-party apps, which means attackers can use their vulnerabilities to gain access to all the programs installed on the device. As mentioned earlier, most of these flaws were due to Xiaomi’s modification of the core AOSP apps.

The list of vulnerabilities on these apps included the ability to launch arbitrary components, command the OS, steal arbitrary files, leak information about Bluetooth devices, memory corruption, initiate insecure activity, and more.

Xiaomi has already released fixes for these issues, and we recommend keeping your Xiaomi devices up to date to avoid any potential security flaws.

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