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35 attacks were carried out in Ukraine during one week, the Russian Defense Ministry

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The Ministry of Defense says foreign mercenaries, including Ukrainian military forces, have also been targeted in the attacks.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has claimed that Russia has carried out 35 strikes in Ukraine over the past week, using long-range weapons, including missiles and hypersonic Kunzhal drones, in naval and air strikes against Ukraine.

On the other hand, the Ukraine says it shot down 21 Russian missiles.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the attacks targeted Ukraine’s energy facilities, defense factories, railway systems, air defenses and ammunition depots.

The Ministry of Defense further states that in the attacks in Russia, foreign mercenaries including Ukrainian military forces have also been targeted in Ukraine in response to attacks on Russian industrial and energy facilities by Ukraine.

According to the news agency, Ukraine has carried out drone attacks on Russian oil refineries in the last few weeks.

Ukrainian authorities have confirmed Russian missile attacks on energy installations in the central and western regions.

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