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A new record for blindfold juggling on a balance board

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Serial record breaker David Rush has once again claimed the Guinness World Record for Juggling Catches. He has also set a balance board record while wearing a mask.

Note that Rush is the original holder of this record, having initially set at least fifty Guinness World Records after a total of 77 beats.

But his records were later surpassed by another juggler, who took 159 catches before losing his balance.

However, David Rush regained the record with 1,316, but the same old rival took it from him with 1,717.

Now David Rush has won it again for the third time with 2,346 catches. After achieving this record, David Rush has become the Guinness World Record holder for holding a combined 175 awards.

He is now very close to his goal of 181 titles, breaking Silvio Saba’s record of 180, the serial record breaker.

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