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A smoke emergency occurred on the runway of a PIA flight at Dubai Airport

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City 42: After the presence of smoke was revealed during a PIA flight from Dubai to Islamabad, an emergency was declared around the plane.

After investigation, it was found that the smoke was coming from the food and drink cabin inside the ship and the smell of burning food was also spreading inside the ship.

After a thorough check that the smoke was not related to the aircraft’s systems, the aircraft was cleared and allowed to take off.

After receiving the report about the presence of smoke in the plane, the Dubai Airports Authority stopped the plane from taking off.

The airport administration had also declared an emergency around the plane. In the event of an emergency inside the plane, fire brigade vehicles and ambulances were also called to the runway.

The airport staff checked all the parts inside the plane which took a lot of time.

This PIA flight left for Islamabad after a long delay and landed in Islamabad with a delay of three hours.

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