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A unique cotton-red planet found in the universe

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Astronomers have discovered a unique planet. Which is soft and comfortable like cotton cheeks and very light.

According to the foreign news agency, astronomers who have discovered many planets in their efforts to conquer space have now discovered the most unique planet in the history of the universe.

The new planet that astronomers have discovered is as soft as cotton cheeks and very light. Scientists have named this planet WASP-193b.

According to the report, this newly discovered planet is located at a distance of 1200 light years from our earth. Astronomers have discovered such a huge planet with the characteristics of cotton wool. which orbited a star in our galaxy.

According to astronomers, this planet consists mainly of hydrogen and helium gases.

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So far, the information obtained about this newly discovered planet. According to him, it is 50% larger in volume than Jupiter, but its density is extremely low.

Jupiter’s density is 1.33 grams per cubic centimeter, which is 5051 that of Earth. In contrast, the newly discovered planet has a density of 0.059 grams per cubic centimeter, compared to 0.05 for cotton wool.

Named WASP-193b, this planet completes one orbit in 6.25 Earth days.

According to scientists, the discovery of this planet will provide new information about our galaxy.

According to a report published in the scientific journal Nature, planets are the bodies in the sky that usually revolve around their own solar system. Whether they are solid or just filled with gases.

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