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Aerial photos of underwater Dubai, Abu Dhabi continue

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New York (News Desk) The American space research agency ‘NASA’ has released aerial photographs of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other cities and areas in the United Arab Emirates during the recent rains. Several flooded areas can be seen in these photos.

Nasa says the slow-moving storm engulfed all the UAE provinces and some cities received a year’s worth of rain in a matter of hours.

In a statement, NASA said many areas were under water when the Landsat 9 satellite passed over the region on April 19. Apart from Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the Jebel Ali area can also be seen in the images.

Water is shown in blue in aerial photographs. In these photos, the Jabal Ali industrial area can also be seen, which is located in the south of Bandar Gah. NASA’s Landsat 9 satellite is responsible for monitoring land resources around the world for more comprehensive planning for human development.

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Daud Al-Hajri, director general of Dubai Municipality, told Khaleej Times that more than 220 mm of rain fell in less than 34 hours this week, equivalent to a year’s worth of rain.

Unusual, heavy rains are paralyzing life in the UAE. The government and public and private companies worked together to bring things back to normal. In many areas, people were confined to their homes. In some places, people faced severe hardship as food and drinking water ran out. Many businesses allow their employees to work from home. Some organizations asked the workers to come to work anyway, otherwise the salary will be deducted.

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