Allahabad HC grants bail to former policeman in Johar University land grabbing cases GeoTv News


The Allahabad High Court has granted bail to former police officer Ali Hassan Khan in all the 26 cases registered against him in Rampur alleging that he along with former minister Azam Khan helped in illegally grabbing land of Muhammad Ali Johar University.

It was alleged in the FIRs that the duo threatened and pressured the landowners (farmers) to execute a sale deed in favor of the university. The duo also allegedly threatened to implicate them in false cases, detain them in custody for a day and forcefully seize their land.

Allowing the bail application of Ali Hassan Khan in all the 26 cases in which the allegations are more or less similar, Justice Raj Bir Singh observed, “First Information Reports (FIRs) of all the cases have been filed after a delay of about 14-15 years.” “In the FIRs, no date, time or place of the alleged incidents has been mentioned. There is no such allegation that the applicant is in possession of any disputed plot of land belonging to any of the complainant. No sale deed has been executed in favor of That the accused applicant is neither the founder nor the trustee or member of the said fund (which administers the university).”


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