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At what age does a person become old?

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If you think that people aged 55 to 60 are considered elderly, then you are wrong. The common perception of aging is not correct in light of recent research.

According to the American media, a recent survey has revealed that a 60-year-old person is no longer old, but the general idea found in our society about determining the age of old age is not correct.

According to this study, published in the journal Psychology and Aging of the American Psychological Association (APA), aging depends on the person’s happiness and health.

The results of the above survey on aging are based on data from a German study involving more than 14,000 participants who answered questions 8 times over a period of 25 years.

Recent surveys have revealed that the age at which a person is considered elderly is constantly increasing.

Researchers say that according to a recent survey, people who have now crossed the age of 60 believe that old age begins after 75, while according to a survey of the same people a decade ago, old age begins at 71.

This change reflects, in part, the increase in life expectancy, the age limit for retirement and the ability to work better in general during our golden age, according to the study, published in the journal American Journal of Medicine.

The age at which people consider themselves old varies and changes depending on their gender, health and general happiness.

According to the survey, women believe that aging starts later than men.

According to the survey, the age at which men consider someone old is about two years later than the age at which women consider old age.

Meanwhile, people who live alone or have health problems consider themselves to be younger than people who are happy and healthy.

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