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Attack on CTD team: Two terrorists killed

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In Bahawalpur, there was an incident of firing on the CTD team, in which two dangerous terrorists who were arrested were killed.

According to the details, the CTD officials say that two terrorists from the outlawed TTP were killed in the attack on the CTD team.

Officials said that their aides attacked to free the terrorists who were being held, during the attack, 2 terrorists were killed by their own accomplices.

According to CTD, among the dead terrorists are Adeel alias Saifullah Khorasani and Zain alias Asadullah Khorasani, the network of detained terrorists had planned the assassination of the federal minister.

The two terrorists were arrested during an investigation into a murder in Hasilpur, the terrorist Adeel alias Saifullah Khorasani had formed a four-member gang.

4 operatives of the terrorist network were arrested a few days ago, and efforts are underway to arrest the terrorists who attacked.


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