BRO is making its way up the hill to begin vertical drilling GeoTv News

Efforts were underway on Sunday to build a hilltop access road above the Silkyara Tunnel to begin vertical excavation to reach 41 workers trapped for seven days, with authorities hoping the pit drilling rig will be ready by Sunday afternoon.

Larger diameter pipes up to 42 meters long were also inserted through the rubble on Sunday morning to provide enough food and other necessities to the trapped workers, the control room set up at the site said.

An official at the site said that work on building the road began on Saturday evening with personnel from the Border Roads Organization (BRO) at work. Senior officials, including the Prime minister‘s Office who visited the site on Saturday, remain stationed in Silkyara to supervise operations aimed at the safe evacuation of the trapped workers.

A strategy of five plans has been developed that will be implemented simultaneously to save workers after previous strategies did not produce the desired results.

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