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Business dollar raised on a loan of Rs Diamond tycoon Govind Dholakiya autobiography shree Ramkrishna exports journey Geo Tv News

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The life journey of Dhankuber Govind Dholakia in diamond business has inspired many businessmen. He started his business journey on a loan of only Rs. 400 and became rich. This is due to their hard work, value of life and hard work.

The journey of many who are successful in life is not as easy as it seems. An empire can be built after an initial struggle. Diamond trader Govind Dholakia (Diamond tycoon Govind Dholakiya)Life Journey) Has now come before the people. The details of his business journey and adventures are revealed in his autobiography. The autobiography is titled ‘Diamonds Are Forever, So Are Morals’.Autobiography) Has entered the market. It tells the story of Dholakia’s professional life. He never gave up the value of life while cultivating professional qualities. That is the essence of life. The journey started with a loan of only Rs. Dholakia was not a millionaire from day one. He needed Rs 920 for his first business deal. For this, he had taken loans from friends and neighbors. With this loan, he realized his dream of becoming a professional.

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Shri Ramkrishna Exports Pvt. Ltd. (Shree Ramkrishna Exports Pvt LtdIn his autobiography, Govind Dholakia, the founder and president of), gives an account of his first commercial contract. Dholakia has given information about when he started this business while playing with old memories and remembering the past. Accordingly, he started the business in January 1977. It was the last Sunday in January 1970. He had gone to a crystal ball reading shop. That’s when he came up with the idea of ​​shaping and polishing rough heels.

920 was collected by friends and neighbors

He needed Rs 920 to start a business. He had gone to the offices of Babubhai Rikhavchand Doshi and Bhanubhai Chandubhai Shah. He quoted a price of Rs 91 per carat and stipulated a minimum price of 10 carats. He needed Rs 910 for the price and Rs 10 for the brokerage. Dholakia had only 500 rupees. But their home did not have that much money. So he asked his friend Virjibhai for a helping hand. He had Rs 200 set aside for house expenses. They gave it. The business was started with a loan of Rs. 200 from Virjibhai’s neighbor.

10 percent profit

After paying the full amount, they were given a diamond. After shaping and polishing it, they sold it to Babubhai a week later with a 10 per cent profit. Babubhai was pleased with their work and gave them more diamonds. Dholakia is considered a deity. Dholakia says that business success is due to ethics, ideals and values ​​of life.

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