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Call for PPP to give 17 federal ministries to states

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The People’s Party has proposed an agreement between political parties and demanded that the federal government transfer the new NFC committee and 17 ministries to the states.

Speaking in Larkana, PP leader Nisar Khoro said that Truth and Reconciliation should be held under which the truth should be spoken and progress should be made, political parties should get rid of their differences, strong democracy and national development should be thought of to get Pakistan out. of the crisis.

Nisar Khoro said that under the 18th amendment, the states are supposed to have full autonomy, which has not been done yet. Under the state autonomy, 17 federal ministries have not been abolished and transferred to the states should be done.

He demanded that the new NFC award should be given in 2025. An NFC commission should be established for announcing the new NFC award Constitutionally, the states’ share in NFC can be increased and cannot be reduced.


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