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Canker sore intolerance – daily attributes GTN News

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Blocking roads during protests is illegal and immoral. Ordinary citizens are greatly affected. Now there are severe reactions. protests

(past continuous)
Blocking roads during protests is illegal and immoral. Ordinary citizens are greatly affected. Now there are severe reactions. In protest demonstrations, organizers try to block roads to increase pressure on the affected authorities. Students or ambulances are affected by these protests, but instead of ending the political crisis with these protests, the political crisis is getting worse and intolerance is increasing among the people. People face not only political but also economic and social problems. Participation in protest demonstrations also affects the home and families in addition to everyday affairs. People get angry over little things. Events or speeches are often broadcasted in the media, which increases agitation among people. Social media is fueling the fire and now everything, be it positive or negative, comes in seconds. Values ​​have been abandoned. The killing of Rahimuddin shows that the reaction of humans is now barbaric. It is true that we should protest politely. An environment must be created where there is no possibility of protest, but the constitution allows protest and freedom of opinion, but there must be no violence, no damage to State property, no innocent lives taken. For peaceful protests, it is important that no one’s normal life is affected in order to meet their demands.
In a recent poll conducted in the United States, the oldest democracy in the world, it was said that 93 percent of Republicans and 88 percent of Democrats do not want their children to marry into the opposite party. Remember, Imran Khan also warned his opponents to leave the PTI. That people will not marry their children. Growing intolerance is a great challenge. The counter-response must be both institutional and political, proactive, sustained, planned and organized. All state institutions and government departments, including the judiciary, the election commission, the accountability office, the security apparatus and law enforcement agencies. We must work strictly according to the constitution. . Under no cloud of pressure should you give up your institutional powers. “For Hussain, the security establishment should never be tempted or pressured to interfere in politics at any cost: “All kinds of hybrid governments and election rigging experiments should end. That the representatives of the people make policies and the civil executive power. Let the policies be. implemented
For four decades Venezuela was the most prosperous country in Latin America with a stable democracy. Venezuela’s democracy worked, creating institutions that created prosperity. The society was tolerant. Coexistence was a great democratic ideal. Other Latin American countries wanted to follow Venezuela’s example, but before that happened, an amazing disaster began in Venezuela. Venezuela was developing. It suddenly began to decline when Hugo Chávez began to be followed with madness. Persuasive fiction can appeal to everyone. They look good in literature. Fiction is extremely dangerous in politics, in literature fiction does not lie. Fiction is presented as fiction. When you open the novel, you realize that this is not the real world, it is the world of literature, but in politics, when fiction is presented as real history, these lies can seduce societies and lead to a kind of terrible disaster, like Venezuela. Observers believe that with fiction or populism you live in a world of fiction. Currently, Pakistan is experiencing the touch of fiction. Democracy has been replaced by populism that promises to solve Pakistan’s problems quickly and without sacrifice. Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Asif Ali Zardari, Imran Khan or anyone else will be described as having a legendary character like Hugo Chavez. If Dev speaks out against the Malay elders, the power of tolerance responds.
November 16 is World Tolerance Day. This day is celebrated all over the world to promote tolerance and make people aware of the dangers of intolerance, the truth is that our world is full of diversity with different races, languages, cultures, beliefs, religions, genders, etc. The only way we, as human beings, can live in peace with each other is through mutual respect, tolerance and tolerance. Throughout human history, we have learned that intolerance is the only thing that exists among humans all over the world. it caused pain, suffering and bloodshed. The only solution to the problem is to humanely accept the existence of the other and this is tolerance. Intolerance has only led to destruction, conflict, wars, bloodshed, genocide, persecution in our world and has destroyed a large number of lives. It must be clearly understood that intolerance is not only a threat to Pakistan or Kashmir or South Asia but to the peace, stability and development of the world. It is necessary to finish it for a better present and future.
Muslims are advised not to abuse someone’s God because they will abuse your God in response. This is the purpose of Lakum Dinkum Waliuddin. Article 10 of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen, approved by the National Constituent Assembly during the French Revolution (1789), states that no one should be interfered with in his opinion, even religious, as long as his opinion, practice and peace Do not disturb to the public Passengers of the Taimergraha-bound coach were furious against the closure of the road. He abused the protesters. Rahimuddin supported this action because the protestors were from his party but he was causing pain to people, that’s why he was killed.

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