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Despite the appearance and security of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, the missing persons did not appear, Islamabad High Court called Brahm SHO Sabzi Mandi. GTN News

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The mother of missing journalist Mudassar Naro and Kim Sin’s son, Sachal, arrived at the Islamabad High Court hoping to be reunited with his father. In addition to this, there were also Amina Masood Janjua, who fights for the missing persons, the lawyer Iman Mazari, the lawyer of the missing journalist Mudassar Naro, the colonel (retired) Inamul Rahim and the lawyer Mushtaq, the lawyer father of the two missing youths. present in room number one. After the hearing of six cases, when the name of the case was called, they all appeared on the stand.

On the previous date, the Prime Minister himself went to court and gave a guarantee. Lawyer Mudassar Naro, Iman Mazari

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The prime minister formed a commission. Assistant to the Attorney General

The commission was formed from September. What happened in a month? Chief Justice Amir

Eight meetings were held, all stakeholders were invited, Amina Masood Janjua, Baloch students were invited. Now the matters were to be submitted to the law enforcement agencies, then Azam Nazir Tarar resigned. Because a committee was formed in the name of Azam Nazir Tarar, the committee ended after his resignation. Assistant to the Attorney General

Since when does it have to be in the name of the minister? The Ministry of Law is the same, right? Now Ayaz Sadiq is the Law Minister. When did this start happening? Now this case was being heard by Justice Athar Minullah, but when it went to the Supreme Court, did this case also end? Chief Justice Amir Farooq

Give it time. Assistant to the Attorney General

I am listening on the division bench and the cases of missing persons are also being heard here for two or two years but there is no progress. Chief Justice Amir Farooq

Don’t make this bureaucratic. It is in the interest of the country. It’s not just about assessing the country, putting yourself in the shoes of the missing people and thinking about how it would feel if your family or a loved one disappeared. Think of the government as a simple human being. Chief Justice Amir Farooq

Sir, my children were picked up outside the Islamic University. Her daughter was one month old, now she is six years old. She will ask if I am going home. Lawyer Mushtaq, father missing persons

This is the 2016 incident and all efforts have been completed, the ad said. Police response to Chief Justice’s question

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Are you qualified to investigate? Announced What is this research? You don’t know the details of the investigation. Chief Justice Amir Farooq

Chief Justice Amir Farooq, angered by police incompetence, summoned SHO Sabzi Mandi Islamabad and ordered the case to be taken up with other missing persons cases in the division bench.

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