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Gaza War, US Diplomat Explains Reason for Leaving Biden Administration

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The American diplomat Hala Rharrit has explained the reason for leaving the Biden administration on the Gaza war policy and said that I do not want to be the reason for anyone to hate America anymore.

Hala Raharit resigned from her position at the US State Department last week, having previously been a US diplomat in Dubai.

Hala Raharit had been with the US State Department for 18 years and was an Arabic language interpreter.

The diplomat who had resigned from the United States said in his statement that, since October, I stopped giving interviews on the situation in Gaza, because the points the State Department was making on Gaza were provocative .

Hala Raharit said that the State Department briefings often ignored the Palestinians altogether, the State Department briefings did not mention the plight of the Palestinians.

He said that when talking about the State Department’s points, people would think of kicking shoes on TV, burning the American flag and firing rockets at the American military.

He said that I am afraid that the Palestinian orphans will not take up arms tomorrow and take revenge We urge the whole generation to take revenge.

He also said that I keep watching the video of martyred Palestinian children spreading in the Arab media, what was more tragic was that despite the deaths, we are sending more weapons to Israel, this is madness , we need diplomacy, not arms.

Hala Raharit said officials in the State Department were afraid to speak out against Gaza policy, perhaps because no one in the department could change Gaza policy except the Secretary of State.

He said that because of fear, people in the State Department don’t know what others think about Gaza, people in the State Department avoid talking about Gaza, people in the Department try to show that nothing is happening in Gaza .

“Because I’m Arab-American, people in the State Department treated me differently, people’s behavior made me very angry,” said Hala Raharit.

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