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HomeBusinessGeneral Bajwa's Second Visit to Qalandar Shrine! GTN News

General Bajwa’s Second Visit to Qalandar Shrine! GTN News

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Scenario 1:
Qalandar is sleeping. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Chirping sirens disturb your sleep. His advisor Safdar Chol reports that General Bajwa has arrived.

‘He came again! Yesterday, I forgave Sharaf Bariyabi. Qalandar whispers.
“Talk to Reshmaan and she will attend.”
‘Sarkar Reshmaan is there. They will talk to you.
“Well, I’m going down.”

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Scenario 2:
Bajwa is sitting on the couch eating chocolate chip cookies soaked in tea. Qalandar is coming down the stairs in a white bathrobe. Seeing him, Bajwa politely walks over and greets him.

‘Abe, sit down. Pate Khan will need this protocol. We are not impressed. It seems that it is not good. This is the second time in 24 hours. If it is good, then it will be a game of chess!

‘No sir. Who can beat you at chess? I want to say something special. Bajwa Sahib looked around at silk, fan and bitter gourd and said.

‘Abe, this is not the lodge of the Supreme Court, it is the Astana of Qalandar. Great secrets are buried in its ceiling and walls. These are my followers, no hidden cameras. I will tell you the purpose for which you have come. Neither of them made a principled decision to impose martial law?

‘Yes sir! But this greatest secret was hidden even from my angels, how did it reach you?

— Abe, he is not your informant. What’s it called… Yes digested. He immediately digests the news he receives. Allow yourself to leave your stomach. Even if you offer as much bribe as you want, the stomach will not clear.

‘Yes it was shared with him! But he had sworn that he would not even mention it to anyone.’
“Abe, shut up. Qalandar doesn’t ‘nobody’ come in. If you tell Qalandar, then it’s right. Qalandar doesn’t tell anyone else. Our fatwa is that Hazam Sethi’s oath is intact and no expiation is required. And beware! Sethi he has no hand. “He won’t!”

“Yes, my father. So, I first thought of going to PTV and expanding the version that you had taught me of ‘My Dear Countrymen’. Then I thought that the management of PTV Everyone will be shocked. The media of the entire universe. is at your anchor. And you keep coming here for peace. No one will doubt that there is something black in the dal.”

“So, he has become very sensible. But at the moment my study is not ready» said Qalandar.
Man, that Azam Swati is doing a little three-hour press conference.
“Now against who?” asked Bajwa.
‘FIA K. The agency is saying that the sex video of me and my Begum is fake. He’s sure it’s real. As much as Sunny Leone’s past films!’ Qalandar said.

“So let’s wait.”

‘Then don’t wait, come back!’ Qalandar said.
‘Why sir? You were the one who said to impose martial law!

‘Abe, don’t miss me. His question was, what should he do, whose corn Parvez Elhi is the same tune all his life, Allah Mian above and Bajwa below! So, in this scenario was the martial law solution.’ Qalandar said.

‘Yes Yes. Sorry sorry! But why are you asking me to come back? Will Swati’s brief press conference last the whole day?
‘No brother. it is not Abe Karele Chala, so just a short clip.

Karila is the spokesperson for Qalandar just as Arshad Sharif was for Pate Khan. But Kamal is also a poet. The nickname is ‘sweet’. Karele’s sweet talk turns the rude into rude and the ignorant into ignorant anchor. Activate Kerela Multimedia. The clip plays.

Moin Akhtar to Nanhe, “Nanha sir, someone told me once that maybe Nanha will read the news on TV.”

Small: Yes. He told me one day. They said if that announcer didn’t come, listen to the talk. Quickly quickly (At that time there was a live program. I said tell it. This. Read this news. I told him to read and give, that no one believes it!’

Sarkar, I have watched this clip many times. Ninha was my favorite comedian. What does this scholarship have to do with my martial law?
“I knew there was something beyond your understanding. No one will believe in your martial law like Abe Ninhe. First of all, you will not believe in yours! If you like the clip of Dr. Pulid Chaterzada. Well, even this will not be understood and I will have to interpret it» Qalandar said.

The clip plays. Dr. Pulid Chaterzade’s father is on his deathbed. He has the property papers in his hands. Put the ink on the father’s thumb and the next moment on the mirror paper. The brothers share the usurpation of the inheritance! Because according to the documents, the father sold this entire property to Dr. Pulid at market price!

As the clip ends, Qalandar looks at Bajwa Sahib. They shake their heads in the negative. Qalandar explains again.

‘May the shadow of the fathers live forever, everyone must have heard this prayer. But children don’t like long shadows. Children are hard at heart. The old man doesn’t die? When he will complete the last breath and be divided! You are the father of the army. Your generals are like children. You have taken a voltage x which is a simple voltage. Ayub’s martial law for 10 years. 11 years of Zia. 9 years of Musharraf. Your official martial law is more than half of Ayub’s. There is a long line of people looking at the chair you are sitting on. Your subsequent shadow will become a problem for your own children. Let him not become Dr. Pulid Chaterzada. But if you wear a Sherwani and Jinnah cap quietly after November 29, you will be a great car JJ. And your children will not only give you a lot of respect, but you can also get a great position, for example, the Minister of Defense! Qalandar said.

How is this possible the Government. For that we will have to fight the elections. Immediately after retirement, you cannot participate in politics because there is a legal obligation. And even if I run for the elections, maybe my house won’t even have votes.’

“Anything is possible in case of martial law.” All laws, including the Constitution, are repealed! Qalandar said.
“Who is going to impose martial law?”

“Your successor!” Qalandar said.

‘how is that possible?’

‘This is possible! The current state of the country is your religion. It can only be corrected by martial law. This fertile plant of martial law was planted by you. Now this tanwar has become a tree and is about to bear fruit. But your children will eat its fruit. If it is done, you will also get something in reward, in forgiveness. Any ministry or embassy in any country! No one will support your martial law because Pate Khan has made you very controversial. The new slate will only be available to your successor. If martial law is imposed, candy will be handed out. Chaudhry Parvez Elahi will be the first to drop the collar. Shah Mehmood Qureshi will be the new captain of PTI. All others like Sheeda Tally, Asad Umar, Fawad Chaudhary, Parvez Khattak, Firdous Ashiq Awan etc will also be wagging their tails in the hope of becoming a new Ratan. Another Muslim League will arise and it will be Duma Dum Mast Qalandar!

‘Rightly said sir. Thank goodness you stopped me. I walk.’ Bajwa said.

‘it’s good. Take it.’ Qalandar places a great gift in the hands of Bajwa Sahib.
What was the need, sir! Well, what’s in it?
“Sherwani and Jinnah Cape!” Qalandar counts!
Bajwa comes out looking with grateful eyes.

Last scene:
Karila holds a press conference in Astana. All national and foreign media are available. Challa is giving breaking news of how Qalandar stopped General Bajwa from imposing martial law and what he taught the incoming chief to impose martial law!

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