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Groom 2 unable to recite Pahara, bride refuses to marry

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The Indian groom arrived with a procession, but what did he know he would have to take a maths test before the wedding ceremony, the bride called off the wedding before the wedding ceremony when the groom failed to recite the 2nd pahara.

According to Indian media reports, the groom’s family from the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh made false claims about the boy’s educational qualifications to the bride’s family before the wedding.

According to media sources, when the groom arrived with a procession, the bride doubted​​​​his educational ability before the wedding ceremony, where he asked the bride to recite 2 paharas.

However, the groom was unable to fulfill his bride-to-be’s request, so the bride refused the wedding and left the wedding hall, and the groom also had to take his procession back.

Remember this is an event from 2021, published in an Indian newspaper.

However, recently a user named Shire Yogi once again shared the past news on social media, other users could not make interesting comments.

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