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He leaked a fake video of Narendra Modi

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The creator of the AI-generated video of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come forward.

A user named Rohan Pal has shared a post on social networking website X (formerly Twitter) claiming to have created a fake AI-generated video of Narendra Modi.

According to the social media user, he must have created this video but did not share it on social media due to fear.

A fake Narendra Modi video impersonator has surfaced

According to Rohan Pal, the positive response of the Prime Minister of India has given him the courage to tell everyone that it is his imagination.

He has also thanked Narendra Modi for being appreciated and said that now it is known who is the real dictator and who is adopting dictatorial behavior.

It should be noted that social media user Rohan Pal belongs to the West Bengal region of India.

Indian authorities have previously admitted that it is difficult to trace the source of AI-generated videos, but police in West Bengal are investigating those who share the videos.

However, now after the positive response of the Prime Minister of India, the creator of this video himself has come forward.

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