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Heavy rain in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 16 people killed, 14 injured

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Web Desk: Heavy rains have stopped in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, but information about the damage caused by it continues.
A total of 16 people have died and 14 injured in different areas of the state including Jamrud, Ceirw Bala, Mardan, Bajaud, Malakand, Nowshera and Bannu.
According to sources, roofs and walls of houses collapsed in different areas due to heavy rain in Tehsil Jamrud of Khyber district. Due to these heavy rains, flooding was also seen in the rivers in different areas.
According to sources, a girl died and a woman was injured when the ceiling of the room collapsed in Tehsil Bara Kamrakhel.
Along with the heavy rain, the electricity tripped while the district administration has completely failed to provide any kind of support in this situation.
Heavy rain killed many in the Ceirw Bala area. Due to heavy rain, 2 children died while 8 people became unconscious.
According to sources, ten people were going to Swat on foot from Nahagdara when they got caught in the heavy rain on the way and became unconscious. In such a situation, the residents of the area shifted the unconscious people to Wadi Hospital.
The stormy rain in Mardan area was so much that the roofs of many houses collapsed. One such incident took place in Sokai area of ​​Mardan.
According to the sources, the roof of the dilapidated house collapsed due to the heavy rain, and as a result a woman died along with her two children.
3 people were also injured in this incident. The dead and the injured belong to the same family.
Two people were buried under the debris after the roof of a room collapsed in Tehsil Mamond of Bajaur district.
Rescue 1122 carried out a quick response operation to rescue her and remove the bodies of the two people from under the debris.
In Tehsil Khar Loi Sim Lara Fort of Bajaur, the roof of another mud house collapsed due to rain.
In this incident too, a woman was killed while cattle were also killed.
An incident of roof collapse of a crude house has been reported in Sharifabad area of ​​Dargai tehsil in Malakand district.
In this incident, the father and son died while the woman was seriously injured.
Rescue sources say that the roof of a room in the house of a person named Muhammad Miraj collapsed due to rain, and the father and son who were sleeping in the room died while the woman was seriously injured.
Rescue 1122 team moved the dead father and son and the injured woman to the hospital.
Heavy rain also destroyed many houses in Nowshera. The roof of a house of a person named Jamshed collapsed in Bara Banda Sukai Khali Rokhan area (Mardan limits) in Nowshera district, killing 3 people and injuring one. Among these dead people, 2 are also included.
The roof of the house collapsed due to rain in Ziarat Kaka Sahib area of ​​Nowshera district.
According to the sources, due to the collapse of the roof in Wilai, the husband and wife were buried under the debris and were seriously injured and were taken to hospital by the rescue team.
On the other hand, two houses have collapsed due to rain in the Bannu area.
According to sources, a woman died in these incidents.
DC Bannu says the damage is being estimated while relief is being provided to rain victims.

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