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HIV, another vaccine trial also failed GTN News

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Washington: The trial of another vaccine developed to protect against the highly contagious AIDS disease has also failed.

HIV AIDS is spreading rapidly in Pakistan, Dr. Zafar

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According to the British news agency Reuters, the trial of the vaccine developed by the American pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson has failed.

It should be noted that in early February 2020, the vaccine trial developed by the US government in collaboration with various medical and pharmaceutical institutions also failed.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine trial was launched in 2019, the first phase of said trial, but the results were not positive.

The vaccine, developed by Johnson & Johnson in collaboration with another company, was tested on 3,900 volunteers from 50 different regions of the world. Transgender, transgender, and other were selected for the vaccine trial.

There are 8,308 cases of HIV in Punjab, according to the AIDS Control Programme

According to the media report, experts in this regard were very optimistic that the developed vaccine would give positive results in the third and most important phase of testing, but it did not.

HIV, other vaccines also fail

US pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson also confirmed in a statement posted on its website that the vaccine failed to prevent the growth of the HIV virus and did not strengthen the immune system of infected people. Further trials of the vaccine were halted due to

According to the statement, during the trial, all volunteers received four vaccines every three months and one year, but all 50 regions were negative.

Larkana: Discovery of HIV AIDS germs in 13 children

It should be noted that at least three HIV vaccines from different multinational pharmaceutical companies are in the testing phase and experts expect their results to be encouraging.

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