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Home of the famous Pakistani actress, Janat Ka Besira

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Karachi (Showbiz Desk) A famous Pakistani model and actress, Mah Noor Haider, has revealed that giants have lived in her home for a long time.

Recently, in a conversation on a private TV program, Mah Noor Haider talked about the supernatural events that happened to him.

In response to a question, Mahnoor said that there are demons in our house because these days my name is heard from the kitchen and when I look back, no one is there.

He said similar voices used to come in my maternal uncle’s name.
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Mah Noor also revealed that it happened several years ago that my father was not at home but my mother saw him at home.

He said that what actually happened was that in the morning at Fajr, Mama got up for prayer and Baba went for a walk before she got up, but when Mama started to pray, she realized that Baba was still in the room.

The actress said that the truth of this whole matter came out when Baba returned home after some time and his mother saw him coming from outside, so she said you are in the house now, so how are you come from outside suddenly? So Baba said that today I went for a walk before you get up.

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