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How Darfashan discovered that people are still looking for her hot photos, Fatima Effendi

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Lahore (Newsdesk) Popular actress Fatima Effendi has raised the question of how Darfashan Saleem came to know that people are still searching for her hot pictures on the internet.

A short video of Darfashan Salim went viral last month, where he spoke at an event and claimed that people on the internet were searching for his pictures by hot typing Darfashan.

Darfashan Salim had said that many people sent him a video a few days ago, after which he was forced to watch that video.

He had said that it was mentioned in the above video that people in Pakistan are searching for Ishq Murshid on the Internet but they are also searching for something special along with searching for that drama.

The actress complained that the video stated that people are searching for Darfashan Salim Hot in Ishq Murshid most on the internet.

Now, on his statement, Fatima Effendi while speaking in a TV program raised the question, how did Dar Fashan Saleem know that people were looking for his hot pictures on the Internet?

Fatima Effendi took part in a news comedy program, where in a segment she was asked for her opinion on Dar Fashan Salim’s statement.

Before giving her opinion, Fatima Effendi asked how Darfshan Salim knew that people were looking for her hot photos on the Internet. On which he was told that people were telling him by texting.

On this, Fatima Effendi said that Darfshan Salim could possibly have misunderstood the matter, in any case, if you search by writing someone’s name on Google, you will see many pictures of actors in many styles.

According to him, Darfshan Salim may have had a misunderstanding regarding the different images seen on Google.

On the same issue, host and actor Ahmed Ali Butt said that such pictures are usually old, but showbiz personalities should be careful not to upload such pictures on the Internet.

He said that people have a habit of looking for old things on the internet and Darfshan may have uploaded such pictures but showbiz personalities should be careful while uploading pictures.

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