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How to avoid digestive system problems in the summer?

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In summer, where health problems arise due to lack of water and salts in the body, chicken foods also cause problems in the digestive system.

If the digestive system is affected, it causes sleeplessness, fatigue and absent mind.

So one has to take care of food and drink in the summer, everyone tries to eat light foods, which include fruits and vegetables, which is absolutely correct.

In summer, you should choose foods that help balance your body temperature along with health.

Following are some of the nutrients that can be chosen to prevent dehydration due to heat.


Cucumbers are extremely beneficial in hot weather as they cool the body instantly and reduce body temperature. It can be mixed with lemon and ginger in a salad or its juice can also be drunk.


Watermelon, the special summer fruit, is also full of many benefits. It prevents dehydration and contains magnesium, potassium, fiber and B vitamins.

Melon or Karma

Melon or karma are fruits that are eaten during the hot summer season that do not dehydrate your body.


Dehydration and other problems in hot weather can be avoided by using curd, as well as the rich amount of calcium it contains, it is also very beneficial for bones.

Its benefits can be doubled by eating curd with lassi or with mango, strawberry and other fruits or making juice.


Coconut water also prevents dehydration in the body and is also beneficial for digestion.


Just like coconut water, fresh lemon water is also refreshing and rich in vitamin C and good for health. You can have it sweet, salty, with a pinch of black salt or cumin powder. You can also add mint juice to it if desired.

Drink it very cold so that the amount of vitamin C in the body is sufficient along with the heat.

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