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How to save yourself from this practice?

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As soon as Ramadan ends, the feasts of Eid begin. During Ramadan, while the fasting people get used to eating less and on time, at the end of this holy month, there is a fear of eating untimely and excessively increases, and is harmful to health.

According to experts, eating too much at the wrong time ie overeating is a disease of ‘overeating disorder’ which causes many diseases related to human health.

So avoiding it and getting rid of it is very important for a healthy life.

According to medical experts, just like a machine needs electricity or petrol to run, food is necessary for the human body and mind.

According to experts, in order to achieve a long and healthy life, one thing is very important here, what food is eaten every day, how much and how often.

Dietitians say that due to untimely and excessive eating, extra energy ie calories from food is stored as fat in the human body, and that the person becomes obese because of that.

Eating too much and not being able to control yourself while eating is called binge eating, while due to an eating disorder, a person becomes fat day by day and suffers from diabetes, blood pressure and joint pain, along with mental boredom.

Researchers say that according to a study carried out on binge eating disorder, eating less keeps the mind and body active and the performance of organs that work like a machine in the human body is also better, while eating more. , the mind also stops working.

In the case of premature and excessive eating, the human liver, brain and heart are most affected, as well as the diseases caused by overeating are obesity, diabetes, excess cholesterol, joint and muscle pain, and etc.

According to the experts, you should get rid of the habit of overeating as soon as possible, to get rid of the habit of overeating, you should remember a few things, during meals, you should always eat a balanced diet in moderation. the food taken is rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre.

Some useful tips to get rid of untimely hunger and overeating:

Rather than going on a sudden diet or starving yourself, reduce the amount of food you eat each coming day so that you gradually get used to having an empty stomach without some hunger.

This habit is formed a little during Ramadan, so it is easy to maintain it for a long time.

Eat food slowly, pay attention to food while eating, do not use mobile phone and TV during this time.

Try to keep yourself busy, during free time the mind is attracted to eat more, if you are bored during free time, instead of eating, go out for a walk or start exercising at home.

Avoid sugary drinks, cold drinks, white sugar, sugary tea and coffee.

Eat only three meals a day with a break of 6 to 7 hours and it must include raw fruit and vegetables, chew the vegetables and food thoroughly.

Pay attention to the interval between meals, if you feel hungry in the middle, use lemon water, green tea or spinach skin or eat a piece of fruit.

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