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How will your day (Monday) be under the stars?

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Aries, planet Mars, March 21 to April 20
Don’t guess or trust anyone.

Taurus, planet Venus, April 21 to May 20
Don’t trust anyone too much you might get into trouble and those who have been sincere for a long time etc. They are free but they do not disclose their affairs to anyone.

Constellation Jupiter, planet Mercury, May 21 to June 20
Circumstances are largely in your favor today, whatever work you intend to do, you will achieve success and a major obstacle will be removed.

Cancer, Planet Moon, June 21 to July 20
The fear of an old thing comes out and the thing that was feared will come out. Be mentally prepared and keep the anger away from yourself as much as you can.

Constellation Asad, planet Shams, July 21 to August 21
Your mood changes from moment to moment which does not allow you to succeed in your intention. If you become consistent, the situation will improve, the problem is visible now.

Constellation Sambla, planet Mercury, August 22 to September 22
Those who suffer from some kind of financial troubles inshallah to some extent manage to get out of it today and a closed chain is expected to run again as well.

Libra, planet Venus, September 23 to October 22
There is a scene and it is quite harsh.

Scorpio, planet Mars, October 23 to November 22
Get rid of the greed in you, you know how dangerous it can be and clean your mind and heart It is better to act according to your age.

Sagittarius, planet Jupiter, November 23 to December 20
Merciful Lord, then Merciful Jag, now how to do it on yourself, Merciful, you know true repentance and follow the straight path for the future and then see how the difficulties run away.

Capricorn, Saturn, December 21 to January 19
It is said again and again who cherishes this time obstacles are removed and takes advantage of Jupiter which gives honor, wealth and fame giving power in the horoscope.

Aquarius, Saturday, January 20 to February 18
When relationships start to improve from behind the scenes, those good times should be cherished. Keep the mobile phone in your hand and think about the progress towards employment.

Pisces, planet Jupiter, February 19 to March 20
Financially, God is pleased, they are heading towards improvement and the big obstacles are also disappearing now. You will start getting good news from this morning itself.

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