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How will your day (Thursday) be under the stars?

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Aries, planet Mars, March 21 to April 20
Wherever and in whatever work they put their hands, there is failure. You need urgent body istihara. It feels like someone is shutting it down.

Taurus, planet Venus, April 21 to May 20
Saturn will remain in the horoscope for a few days, it causes obstacles and difficulties. You have to walk very carefully and give alms daily for a few days.

Constellation Jupiter, planet Mercury, May 21 to June 20
Control your anger and don’t let anything come out of your tongue that will cause you great trouble. Especially to avoid spoiling the home environment.

Cancer, Planet Moon, June 21 to July 20
Today there will be a strange burden on the mind. It looks like someone tied it. You should take something sweet and spread it in the cemetery.

Constellation Asad, planet Shams, July 21 to August 21
Today is a good day, your big obstacle will be removed, which you have been worrying about for so many days, it will be so immediate that you will spontaneously thank Allah.

Constellation Sambla, Planet Mercury, August 22 to September 22
One road is closed, so why bother? Spiritual help will arrive by tonight and a new path will be made for you from an unexpected source, Inshallah.

Libra, planet Venus, September 23 to October 22
The assumptions will be higher, but there will be no significant difference in income. Don’t try to be too fast today. There will be no special benefits.

Scorpio, planet Mars, October 23 to November 22
There is a small glimpse of the effects of something like witchcraft etc., yet you take istihara kashara yourself and give alms of meat immediately today.

Sagittarius, planet Jupiter, November 23 to December 20
The spiritual power will work very quickly and you can take full advantage of it, whatever you pray for will surely be fulfilled. A big goal will be achieved today.

Capricorn, Saturn, December 21 to January 19
The ongoing problems in the job will stop. Today, the release of innocent people seems possible. Whatever fear was on the mind will also come out, God’s will.

Aquarius, Saturday, January 20 to February 18
Your Qibla is now more or less correct. You will now get to see the correct address automatically and you will certainly get to hear some good news about children too, Inshallah.

Pisces, planet Jupiter, February 19 to March 20
Keep at it. You are close to the destination, if you lose courage, the courage that came for free can go overboard. Today will help, there is a possibility of change.

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