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Human development and humanitarian strategies

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The basic model of the development of the common or disadvantaged classes in the world is linked to a good and fair and transparent system of governance and this transparent system ensures the process of political, social, economic and legal justice in the lives of ordinary people. This is the reason why common man depends on good government and good system and he thinks that this system is also related to his development.

A good government does not focus only on the immediate problems of the common man due to his actions, but also establishes concrete strategies on these problems on a short, medium and long term basis that will enable the real process. the development of these departments.

The main task of the government is not only to help the people immediately or organize strategies for them on the basis of charity, but to make the people stand on their own feet through their own actions. For this, the government creates economic opportunities in such a way that people find it easy to create employment for themselves.

But unfortunately, Pakistan does not have a good and transparent governance system. This is the reason why people feel deprived and insecure here.

Based on this feeling, a lack of trust in the governance system and a big gap can also be seen. People feel that our real development model in this current system is very weak and this is because they believe that the common man is here .In contrast, powerful classes are in control and their interests are prioritized.

Our governance system as a whole is anti-sustainable development. This is why human development models here are not only weak, but the basic issues that the common class needs to survive are not available at any level.

The model of human development established here is linked to the strategy adopted on the basis of charity. The importance of a charity strategy cannot be denied because when a vulnerable person needs help urgently, they need to be helped on the basis of charity. But if a charity strategy is made part of political priorities permanently Then the true sustainable development model gets leave it far behind.

A humanitarian strategy means that you do people in need on a daily or continuous basis. Instead of providing employment opportunities to people, help them meet their basic needs in such a way that they cannot do anything else and always depend on or become dependent on the government, organizations or individual powerful people. development system and is never encouraged in the development model.

But the problem of Pakistan is serious and the system adopted here on the basis of charity is becoming a permanent system and the number of people benefiting from this system is not decreasing but increasing continuously.

The disadvantage of this strategy is that it requires people to help rather than motivate or motivate people to work, and people find themselves in practice by becoming a permanent part of the model rather than doing something. Today , we have to provide financial support to the people, including anchor houses, ration distribution, Ramadan and Eid donations, organizing Iftar on behalf of philanthropists at the level of different streets and neighborhoods based on the same charity model. Issues such as giving are seen help.

From the government and philanthropists to ordinary people and political and religious parties, religious schools and large business classes are part of this work. One of the main goals of this work is to help people and gain the pleasure of Allah.

At the government level too, our federal and provincial governments are spending billions of rupees on this charity model and the distribution formula used indicates many problems including personal publicity, pictures of political leaders on ration bags, drawing beneficiaries pictures with them when distributing them and also promoting the beneficiaries, humiliating women and men by queuing, pushing, charging, media publicity on distribution of rations or charity works and lavish spending on government bureaucracy, including issues such as self-acceptance at the political level.

It is also a serious question to what extent the distribution of charities is fair and transparent and to what extent it reaches the real beneficiaries or that it ends up in the hands of people who would turn it into a scam. In the same charity model, if we really want to do something so that people can stand on their own feet, work hard, do business or not extend their hands to anyone on a regular basis, then we should use this charity money to attract people to small businesses.

Give them small financial help in such a way that they start earning on their own. On the basis of billions of rupees at the government level, distribute resources on this charity model to promote small local industries, promote small businesses or people for no. Ensure prompt provision of small loans and provide a business environment for the vulnerable, provide them with markets, ensure business security, attract women to small businesses, and help these vulnerable sections to damage from the economy system, and I can be presented as a key character.

Charitable support can be of a direct nature, but it should by no means be presented as a permanent strategy. It is the responsibility of the government not only to attract people to small businesses at the local level but also to train them in such a way that they can do business after learning something. People can create economic opportunities for themselves. .

At the individual level, there are great people who have passion and passion for charity work and distribute resources on the basis of millions, instead of queuing up outside houses or distributing food or rations, their work includes individuals in their Helping strategy people to do the work.

Recently in Karachi, instead of distributing money or rations, a great philanthropist distributed carts to people and bought them ten thousand worth of fruits, vegetables or other items and asked them to go and sell these goods. And then after selling, buying and sell goods again so they can earn respectable money and not spread their hands in front of others.

Basically, we have to stabilize this country economically and also the people. Based on this, we have to start such projects from the government level, which are not based on charity, but reflect a constant development mindset and concern that can make people self-sufficient. Putting an end to this imbalance in income and expenditure should be our priority.

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