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HomeBusiness"Imran Khan Kept Audience Behind Truck Light For Nine Months" GTN News

“Imran Khan Kept Audience Behind Truck Light For Nine Months” GTN News

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Main anchor Mansoor Ali Khan said that Imran Khan has misled people. He waved the ‘cypher’ for the first time at the rally after things turned sour with the establishment. This was his strategy when he asked Bajwa to say whether he was on my side or not.

Lead anchor Mansoor Ali Khan said in his own channel’s YouTube log that Imran Khan played with encryption as mentioned in the leaked audio, but only until former army chief General Bajwa came out. As soon as he got out, he packed the tale of “encryption” and “US conspiracy,” saying in an interview that the conspiracy was over for him. I want a happy relationship, no more guilt.

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From April to December, he did not mention the cover drama “American Conspiracy” in the interview. He had rented a scandal for about 9 months that he had to sell some deal in front of the public because he could not speak against General Bajwa when he had time to retreat. Now they are talking that I asked Bajwa Sahib face to face to that brother that you are with us or with them. In his interview he gave the impression that General Bajwa was making a fool of him. When they asked, Bajwa would say that everyone is with you.

He also did not confirm whether the summary of dissolution of the assemblies was signed or not, ie Parvaiz Elahi did not assure him in writing that he is with Imran Khan.

Imran Khan said that giving extension to General Bajwa was the biggest mistake and extension should not be given to anyone. He also sent a message to the new army chief that no extension should be given, but you are the master of the womb and you can take the womb at any time. Maybe a month ago, on Kamran Khan’s show, he had suggested that General Bajwa should be extended till the elections and now he swore that it was a big mistake. While in the press conference, the DGISI said that Imran Khan also offered a life extension to General Bajwa. When Imran Khan was asked about it, he said he meant that if we want an extension, we will give it. That is, at that time, all these offers were to save their power.

For nine months, people stood behind the lights of the truck. So the message was waved, but now it was thrown that now General Bajwa is gone, now they can use him as a ‘punching bag’. If all this was true, then why didn’t he show courage earlier and tell the public everything.

It is to be noted that the former prime minister while giving an interview to a private TV channel said that in response to a question, he said that he made a big mistake by giving extension to former army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa. No one should ever get an extension in the army, we were newly in power, there were many problems and the conditions became like this. I want to see a strong Pakistan, so that means I want to see a strong army.

He said he didn’t know how I was cheated and lied to. NAB was under his control. I said that if there is political instability no one will be able to manage the economy. Shaukat Tareen was sent to him and gave a briefing for 2 hours. He went on to explain that the country will not move forward until the powerful are brought under the law. NAB was not under my control, it was with them. These people did not consider corruption bad.

Imran Khan said what happened in 7 months? Is the game broken? No, in seven months, Tehreek-e-Insaf became stronger. The biggest atrocity they did was that they tortured us for 7 months, what happened on 25th May seemed like Occupied Kashmir. Honor and humiliation are in the hands of Allah Ta’ala. In principle, I should have been humiliated when I was kicked out, but Lilla gave me a respect that I could not have imagined. The more they pressed, the more our game went up.

Imran Khan said that Shaukat Tareen was once told that you should not worry, your government will remain intact. On April 10th, something that has never happened in history happened, when the audience saw the figures of the Three Fools, the audience came out and joined us. After the regime change, 13 parties contested the elections together against the PTI and lost there too. After I lost, they planned to kill me. Nawaz Sharif is the biggest threat to me.

When we left the country was rising. Tell me what these people took over the country during their period of government? What could be more embarrassing than that Bangladesh outplayed us. Thieves destroyed the country.

It is a tragedy that Zardari is saying that Imran Khan will be disqualified and will go to jail through NAB. Books have been written all over the world about his theft. I will free the people of Sindh from Asif Zardari.

Senator Azam Swati was tortured in front of his family. Sorry for what is happening to them. The judiciary is investigating this cruelty, but it is surprising that no action has been taken in this matter.

He said that Mons Elahi must have had a completely different experience, it may be that Mons Elahi was told to go with PTI and it is also possible that the other one was told to go with PML-N. Separate messages were sent to our own people.

Responding to a question about the dissolution of the assemblies, PTI Chairman Imran Khan said that if they are ready for elections in March or at the end of it, we will stop but we will not go beyond March. If they do not accept the new elections in March, the assemblies will be dissolved. We are going to hold elections in 66% of Pakistan. If desired, we can negotiate the date of the elections. After the budget, the question of elections does not arise.

He said the government should take a long time to take a decision. Our decision has been made. Pervaizalhi is with us. They were consulted a lot and they gave me the power to dissolve the Assembly whenever I want.

The former prime minister said that both assemblies must be dissolved and elections held. My goal is to have justice and the rule of law in the country. My biggest weakness is that I trust people. I knew the whole game I was talking to Nawaz Sharif.

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