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Indian doctor banned for surgery on girl’s tongue instead of finger

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A girl from the Indian state of Kerala was brought to hospital for a finger operation where the surgeon mistakenly operated on the girl’s tongue.

According to the Indian media ‘India Today’, a doctor at the government hospital in Kerala was suspended from his work after he operated on a girl’s tongue instead of her left finger.

According to media reports, the doctor has been suspended after this incident.

According to India Today, the girl was admitted to the hospital on the complaint of the sixth finger on her hand. When she came out of the operating theatre, the family was surprised to know that the operation was not done on the finger but on the tongue is gone

Speaking to the media, the parents of the girl victim accused the doctor that when they spoke to the surgeon about the matter, the doctor falsely claimed that the girl had been diagnosed with a tumor inside the mouth and it caused the tongue to swell. An operation had to be done.

The affected girl’s family denied the diagnosis of a tumor in her daughter’s mouth saying there was no problem with the girl’s tongue, the doctor’s negligence is shameful, we condemn it.

On the other hand, a member of the family told the media that after speaking to the hospital administration, the hospital staff confirmed that the operation was the result of a misunderstanding as the operation of the two children was scheduled on the same date because the surgeon made this mistake.

According to Indian media, the doctor who performed the wrong operation has been suspended and a case has been registered against him on the complaint of the family.

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