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Are you planning to buy an iPhone? Maybe this is the right moment. The launch of the iPhone 15 series has led to some major price cuts on older iPhone models, including the iPhone 14 series in India. On top of Apple’s official price cut, many authorized retailers are now bundling additional discounts and incentives to attract customers.

With Indian holiday sales approaching by many e-tailers and retailers, the prices of these iPhones will become more affordable in the next few weeks. Here are some of the affordable iPhones to consider after the launch of the iPhone 15 series in India:

Apple iPhone SE (3rd generation)
Current price: Rs 33,999

Original launch price: Rs 43,900

iPhone SE (3rd generation) This compact iPhone from Apple has been IP67 certified (Image Credit: Anuj Bhatia/Indian Express)

Apple’s iPhone SE (3rd generation), powered by the A15 Bionic chip, has become cheaper after the launch of the iPhone 15. It is now available in India for as low as INR 33,999 on Flipkart, making it the most affordable 5G iPhone to consider in 2023. It is powered by the same chip found in the iPhone 14 (review) and iPhone 14 Plus.

Apple iPhone 12
Current price: Rs 48,990

Original launch price: Rs 79,900

iPhone 12 for sale iPhone 12, The Apple iPhone 12 is shown in this file image (Image credit: Express File Image)

Despite being officially discontinued by Apple, the iPhone 12 (review) remains one of the most popular iPhones in the country. It is now available for Rs 48,990 on Amazon. Additional offers and bank discounts could reduce the price of this state-of-the-art iPhone with features like Face ID, 5G support, OLED display, and MagSafe wireless charging support.

Apple iPhone 13
Current price: Rs 55,999

Original launch price: Rs 79,900

iPhone 13 The iPhone 13 is powered by the A15 Bionic chip, which also powers the iPhone 14 (Express Photo)

For just Rs 5,000 more, the base model of the iPhone 13 (review) offers double the storage space (128GB), a smaller notch, and improved camera capabilities. It is currently available for Rs 55,999 on Flipkart. The iPhone 13 is an entry-level iPhone for anyone who prefers a premium iPhone at a discount, and it’s available in six colors.

Apple iPhone 14
Current price: Rs 65,900

Original launch price: Rs 79,900

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iPhone 14 iPhone 14 comes with a new and improved 12MP dual camera system (Image Source: Anuj Bhatia/The Indian Express)

The iPhone 14 now starts at Rs 65,900 on Amazon and offers the same quality one would expect from a high-end Apple product, including an IP68 water and dust resistance rating, wireless charging with MagSafe, and top-notch camera performance. The iPhone 14 also supports satellite calling, though it is not available in India.

Apple iPhone 14 Plus
Current price: Rs 75,900

Original launch price: Rs 89,900

Apple iPhone 14 Plus review iPhone 14 Plus review Apple iPhone 14 Plus camera Apple iPhone 14 Plus Apple iPhone 14 Plus (Image credit: Shruti Dabola/The Indian Express)

The iPhone 14 Plus, Apple’s smartphone with a 6.7-inch display, has also become marginally cheaper and is available for Rs 75,900 on Amazon. This large iPhone offers all the features one would expect from an iPhone, and is also known for offering the longest battery life compared to the entire iPhone series.

iPhone, iPhone buying guide 2020, how to buy an iPhone in 2020, the best iPhone in 2020, the cheapest iPhone in 2020 Apple iPhone 7 (Image source: Reuters)

If you’re looking for cheaper iPhones, consider buying used or refurbished devices like the iPhone 11, which is now available for around Rs 20,000 on Cashify. Devices like iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 are also available at competitive prices of Rs 13,000 and Rs 9,400 respectively on the same platform.


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