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Iran attack on Tel Aviv, emergency Security Council meeting called after formalities postponed

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New York (Newsdesk) He called an emergency meeting of the Security Council after Iran’s attack on Israel was postponed after a formal proceeding, the Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, said that the use of force is against the territorial integrity of any state. prohibited.

At the Security Council meeting, Iran’s Ambassador, Amir Saeed Erwani, attacked Israeli military targets with drones and missiles in response to Israel’s aggression, calling the operation purely self-defense.

He said the Middle East is on the brink of destruction, the region is facing the threat of catastrophic war, the time has come to show less tension and more restraint and providing aid is a shared responsibility.

During the meeting, US Deputy Representative Robert Wood said that the Security Council should condemn Iran’s aggressive actions. If Iran or its agents take action against the United States or Israel, Iran will be held responsible, Barbara Woodward, Britain’s representative to the United Nations, said, speaking at the Security Council meeting, that Israel’s security is at after the British attack on Iran. It will represent regional partners including Jordan and Iraq.

He warned that if America starts military action against Iran, Iran will use the right to respond. It should be clear that the emergency meeting of the Security Council was called at Israel’s request.

Israel also demanded that the Security Council declare the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization He said that Britain was working with the international community to prevent further escalation and stabilize the situation describing the hypocritical behavior of the United States, Britain and France that the countries this has not only been defending Israel from responsibility for the Gaza massacre for several months, but has also been justifying the genocide of the Palestinian people.

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