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Islamabad Driving License New Fee Announcement

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Islamabad (Newsdesk) Islamabad Police has announced a huge increase in driving license fees, for motorcycle and vehicle categories, it has increased by 25%.

In addition, the mandatory driving test charges have been fixed at Rs 300 for small vehicle license applicants and Rs 500 for large vehicle license applicants Citizens will now have to pay Rs.1000.
Fluctuations at the global level, the possibility of lower oil prices in Pakistan

Driving license fee in Pakistan 2024

Description of Services New Fees
Motor Car Driving School Fee Rs12,000 per candidate
LTV Driving School Fee Rs18,000 per candidate
HTV Driving School Fee Rs25,000 per candidate
Medical Fee Rs200 per candidate
Fast Track Driving License Processing Fee (optional) Rs2,000 per candidate
Driving License NOC Fee Rs1,000 per NOC
Mobile Facilitation Fee Rs200 per candidate
Road Safety Education Session Fee Rs200 per offender/applicant
Service Charges for road test – Motor Car Rs200 per test
Service Charges for road test – LTV Rs300 per test
Service Charges for road test – HTV Rs500 per test

The notification directs all the concerned officers posted in the Islamabad Traffic Police to collect the prescribed fee and deposit it in the ITP welfare account along with the prepared statement of their respective IDs.

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