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Issue a policy guide for the purchase of a bulletproof vehicle, set a major condition

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Islamabad (Web Desk) Policy guidelines have been issued by the Ministry of Interior for procurement of bullet proof vehicles.

In the policy, conditions have been set for an individual or company to purchase a bulletproof vehicle According to the new policy guideline, a bulletproof license from Chinese companies will be issued within 72 hours, companies will pay Rs 30 crore and an individual will pay. be eligible to buy a bulletproof vehicle after paying a tax of Rs 3 crore.

Under the new policy, the permission of the Ministry of Home Affairs will be required to buy or sell a bulletproof vehicle, 30 crore taxpayers will be allowed to buy 2 vehicles and 50 crore taxpayers will be allowed to buy 3 vehicles, 1 billion rupees in tax. . A person with 4 vehicles is allowed to buy 6 vehicles for those who pay more than 1 billion.
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In the new policy guide, it is said that if the bulletproof vehicle tax is not paid within 6 months, the license of the bulletproof vehicle will be cancelled.

In the new policy, anti-state people, accused of murder, kidnapping, robbery have been declared ineligible to buy a bulletproof vehicle. Apart from this, security clearance by secret agencies has been made mandatory for those buying a bulletproof vehicle.

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