Kejriwal and Sanjay Singh transfer Gujarat HC on call-up GeoTv News


Sessions Judge J M Brahmbhatt, in his order last Thursday, had upheld the lower court’s decision to summon the two leaders and said the latter’s order was “neither illegal nor wrong”.

The metropolitan court had summoned Kejriwal and Singh for the first time on April 15 in the defamation case filed by Gujarat University over their “sarcastic” and “insulting” remarks regarding Prime Minister Modi’s degree. The two leaders then filed a review application in the Sessions Court challenging the summons.

However, on August 7, the court rejected their request for a temporary stay of the trial, after which they approached the Gujarat High Court bench, which also rejected their request for a temporary stay of the trial.

The Supreme Court later directed the sitting court to conclude the hearing within 10 days of referring the matter to a new bench.


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