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Khushab District Bar Association President Malik Muhammad Advocate Jamali Rizwan met the delegation of District Zakat Committee and Usher Khushab.

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In an effort to bolster voluntary Zakat contributions, an important meeting was convened by the Administrator of Zakat and Usher Punjab Lahore, wherein the President of the Khushab District Bar Association, Malik Muhammad Rizwan Jamali Advocate, engaged with a delegation from the District Zakat and Usher Committee of Khushab. The meeting saw the participation of distinguished lawyers from the district, including Malik Muhammad Imran Qadir Awan, Advocate, former General Secretary of the District Bar Association, Khushab, and Malik Muhammad Riaz Rajar, Advocate, former President of the District Bar Association, Khushab.

Emphasizing the significance of Zakat as a fundamental pillar of Islam, the delegation highlighted concerns over the declining trend in voluntary Zakat collections despite the substantial distribution of Zakat funds to beneficiaries over the years. They urged the community to recognize the benefits of Zakat and contribute towards the Provincial Zakat Funds.

The Zakat Officer outlined various initiatives undertaken by the District Zakat and Usher Committee, including period allowances, educational scholarships for religious and general education, assistance for technical training, and free medical treatment for beneficiaries.

Addressing the lawyers, Regional Zakat Officer Sharjeel Badr underscored their influential role in the community and urged them to fulfill their Zakat obligations by depositing their contributions into designated bank accounts, namely State Bank of Pakistan Account No. PK20BPUN6010046987300013 and Muslim Commercial Bank Account No. PK53MUCB0736876331001823, while also spreading awareness among the public.

Responding to the call, businessmen present at the meeting pledged their support for the Zakat collection campaign, with the District Zakat Committee of Khushab receiving assurances of cooperation.

Subsequently, an awareness walk was organized, and pamphlets were distributed as part of efforts to further educate the public about the importance of Zakat and encourage greater participation in Zakat contributions.

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