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Actress Kriti Sanon, who was recently honored with the National Film Award for Best Actress for her performance in Mimi (2021), had to enter the film industry with a backup plan to make her parents feel secure about her future. She took the GMAT exam to ensure that if her film career failed, she would end up in a good business school.

Recently, Kriti shared that even though she comes from a middle-class family, with a father from California and a mother who is a teacher, she didn’t have to put much effort into persuading them to join the Indian film industry. The only condition she had to fulfill was that she have a plan B. During an interview with Curly Tales, Kriti said, “It didn’t take much convincing but I had to give them a backup plan. I had to take a GMAT exam and get a good score.

Kriti moved to Mumbai and while she was pursuing a role in a film, she was also attending coaching classes to prepare for her GMAT exam. “I just moved to Mumbai and was going for GMAT preparation classes while trying to shoot movies and do modeling. I got my first Telugu film (1: Nenokkadine by Mahesh Babu) and also got Hirobanti. Hirupanti was supposed to start later. A little bit and my second Telugu schedule was supposed to start in two months.Kriti recounted that I had two months in the middle and I took the GMAT exam after that.

Bareilly Ki Barfi actress believes the backup plan saved her from “despair” at work. She shared, “I understand the concerns of my parents who come from a middle-class family that does not work in the film industry. What happens when you have a Plan B is that you are not desperate anymore. You are emotional, but you are not desperate. It’s a very fine line.”

However, Kriti never had to use Plan B as her acting career flourished. Now, her GMAT score, which is valid for five years, has expired.

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Kriti Sanon was scolded in front of 50 models at her first show

Before facing the camera, Kriti Sanon started her journey in the fashion industry with modeling. But she had an unpleasant experience at her first fashion show. Her choreographer scolded her in front of 50 other models

The actor shared, “My first show, choreographer, I never worked with her again, she was so rude to me because I messed up the choreography. It was on some farm and the heel was sticking to the grass and it was my first time. awesome. I started crying because she was scolding me in front of 50 models so rudely. I’ve been holding him for a long time but I cry when someone yells at me.”

But Cretan chose not to give up. She described herself as “very competitive and ambitious”. Moving on, Kriti is awaiting the release of her next film, Ganpath, which co-stars Tiger Shroff. She will also appear in “Twisted Romantic Drama” with Shahid Kapoor. She has recently started shooting for her first production venture, Do Patti.

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