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Modi government’s refusal to allow Eid prayers at Eid Gah Srinagar

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Eidgah Srinagar – Photo courtesy Foreign Media

The Modi government has once again refused to allow Kashmiris to offer Eid-ul-Fitr prayers at the Eidgah in Srinagar.

In this regard, BJP leader and Waqf Board chairman of the occupied area, Derakhshan Andrabi, has said that Eid prayers will not be allowed even this year at Eid Gah Srinagar.

The BJP leader has claimed that he is justifying his decision that the condition of the Eidgah is not right.

The Indian government has denied the religious rights of Kashmiris along with other rights.

Kashmiri Muslims are prevented from offering Friday and Eid prayers, they are not even allowed to take out Muharram processions.

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