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Pakistan and Iran agree to increase trade volume to 10 billion dollars

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Web Desk: Pakistan and Iran agreed to increase trade volume to 10 billion dollars and joint efforts to end terrorism.
Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, while holding a joint press conference with Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi at the signing ceremony of the memorandum of understanding on cooperation in various fields between Pakistan and Iran, said that we have a long-standing relationship with Iran, and a visit the president of Iran is an opportunity for us Honorably, the relationship between the two is not only 76 years old, Pakistan was first recognized by Iran.
The Prime Minister of Pakistan said that the resolution of the Security Council on Gaza is being ignored, but the United Nations is silent, while the President of Iran is grateful for raising his voice for Kashmir.
He said that we had an excellent discussion today, we have relations of religion, civilization, investment and security, centuries old relations must be used to promote mutual cooperation, we want the borders of Pakistan and Iran to become towers of prosperity an opportunity for us to transform our relationship a sea of ​​growth.
Shahbaz Sharif said that the honorable president of Iran has expertise in jurisprudence and law, the Security Council resolution on Gaza is mocked, the United Nations is silent, Iran has taken a strong stand against the oppression of Muslims in Gaza.
Speaking on this occasion, the President of Iran, Ibrahim Raisi, said that the country of Pakistan is respectful to us, and we hope that this visit will be important for Pakistan-Iran relations.
He said that Pakistan has historical ties with its friend and neighboring country, no one can break Pakistan-Iran ties.
The president of Iran said that greetings to the people of Pakistan for supporting the people of Gaza, the people of Gaza are being massacred, the Security Council is not fulfilling its responsibilities on the issue of Gaza, the people of Gaza will get their right one day. .And justice will be done.
He said that there are religious and cultural ties between Pakistan and Iran, cooperation between the two countries in the war against terrorism is indispensable, both countries will work together to eradicate terrorism, organized crime and drugs.
Iranian president said that today we have decided to increase Pakistan-Iran economic, commercial and cultural relations, we will further strengthen relations between friendly countries, we have agreed to increase Pakistan-Iran trade volume to 10 billion dollars.
President Ibrahim Raisi said that the Iranian people have turned restrictions into opportunities.

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