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Pakistan vs India, Ali Zafar advises Babar Azam to play on the front foot

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Lahore: World famous Pakistani singer Ali Zafar gave a useful advice to the national team and captain Babar Azam before the match between Pakistan and India in the 19th match of ICCT World Twenty Cup Group A today the eyes of cricket fans are fixed on the this most important match of the World Cup Pakistani fans are hoping that the national team will beat India in this big match today to make their disappointed fans happy because on June 6. After the terrible loss against America, the Pakistani nation is shocked and angry with his team In this regard, Pakistani singer Ali Zafar released a video message to the national team and captain Babar Azam said on his social media accounts, Ali Zafar, when the Pakistan-India match , there is a certain kind of excitement among the fans of both countries, that’s why I thought I would give some useful advice to my team and captain Babar Azam We expect him to play on the front foot, in the match against America we saw that Babar Azam did not come to bat himself in the Super Over but sent other players while during a match during the captaincy of Imran Khan, Australia Only four runs were needed in the last over to win against Pakistan, so at this difficult time, the captain Imran Khan himself came to the field to bowl. Playing, losing and winning are part of the game but in difficult times come up as a shield for your team and fight hard because you are a great cricketer Speaking about the fitness of the national team, the singer said that we need to’ n players improve They also need to pay more attention, not only should they take care of their physical fitness but also their mental fitness so they can make the right decisions He added that our players should not suffer from complex complaints, if they don’t know the English There is no shame in it, but they should speak proudly in their mother tongue as players from other countries do.

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