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Pakistan will not provide bases to any foreign police, the Foreign Office

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Islamabad: The Foreign Office Spokesman has said that Pakistan will not provide bases to any foreign government against any country He said that there are many communication channels between Pakistan and Iran, and it will continue to communicate with Iran to increase cooperation. Discussions are ongoing between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia regarding investment in energy and other sectors.
The spokesperson said the Indian network has been active in South Asia for decades. Indian network of extrajudicial killings has spread across the world, Pakistan has given evidence of attacks by Indian agents in front of the world, Indian actions are illegal and against international law He said the world should blame India for its actions Stand in the dock. In February 2019, history repeated itself, the leadership of India makes statements for political purposes, I will not comment on the recent statement of the Prime Minister of India, Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, further that the forces and people of Pakistan are protecting the country. Pakistan reiterates its commitment to support the Palestinian people Pakistan will draw attention to the ongoing situation in Gaza at the OIC meeting. There will also be a discussion on joint solutions to the problems facing the Muslim Ummah He said that the delegation from America visited Pakistan, and met with the Acting Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There was a productive discussion with the delegation on all aspects of bilateral relations. The parties have reiterated their commitment to increase cooperation in the areas of trade, investment and regional security, the spokesman said that the heavy rains and floods in some areas of occupied Kashmir in recent days have affected people. their sympathy. Pakistan condemns the illegal occupation of Kashmiris land by the Indian government. Information about the connection of terrorists with Afghanistan has been given to the Afghan authorities, Pakistan condemns terrorism. According to a Foreign Office spokesman, the prime minister had planned to visit The Gambia but could not go due to his busy schedule. Some elements sit in Britain and speak against Pakistan, Pakistan does not do such activities outside its borders The spokesperson said that the incident of the student with the German ambassador was sad. Asma Jahangir has been fighting for law and justice all her life, Mumtaz Zahra Baloch further said that Pakistan has given concrete information regarding the involvement of Indian agents in terrorist attacks. India is involved in attacks on Pakistani nationals, Pakistan, China, Iran trilateral dialogue is an important forum, but the dates have not been fixed yet regarding the discussions through this forum He said that Pakistan and Iran have cooperated in various areas of talk about terrorism. I will not comment on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statements regarding the February 2019 Balakot attacks. India is trying to rewrite history, Pakistan supports South Africa’s case in the International Court of Justice He said that Pakistan has no intention of giving its military bases to any country against any country. We condemn such trolling against organizations and officials on the issue of negative campaign by elements sitting abroad regarding Pak forces. The baseless and false campaign must stop.

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