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Priyanka explained the reasons for being rejected for several films

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Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra talked about the difficulties faced in the film industry and said that she was not cast in films many times due to various reasons.

Speaking in a podcast interview, the actress said that she faced many challenges in the industry, sometimes in Bollywood she was ‘pushed into a corner’ or had to deal with ‘politics’, then she had to for Hollywood to struggle to reinvent themselves.

The actress said that I have seen rejection many times in the industry and there are many reasons for it, sometimes I was not right for a role, sometimes I became a victim of favoritism, sometimes someone’s boyfriend was cast in a Gia film, there it is many reasons like this.

Priyanka Chopra said that I compromised a long time ago, I could say that I am better than others and I have a lot of confidence in myself, but this is not true, you have to tolerate your own rejection, and decided that I was going to go ahead and prove myself.

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