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Regarding the Iranian President’s visit to Pakistan, the Foreign Office spokesman made an important statement

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The Islamabad (News Desk) spokesperson of the Foreign Office, Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, has said that the visit of the President of Iran is a pre-plan and that it has been worked on for many strong days.

In a conversation with private television, he said that the President’s visit to Iran was planned in advance and that work had been going on for several days. To get rid of this tension, the two countries had to sit together and talk.

Foreign Office Spokesperson Mumtaz Zahra Baloch further said that many agreements have been signed between the two countries which are the result of long-term cooperation. These agreements have prepared a road map on which the work will start soon, these agreements were also needed by both countries.

As for the PLA, a Foreign Office spokesperson said that we have completed a long journey from January so far in a swift and positive manner and this is only possible because the relationship between the two countries is strong, Pakistan’s security issues and Iran. Discussions have been held, both countries want to act against terrorism together.

Mumtaz Zahra further said that there was a discussion on trade and import with the delegation from Saudi Arabia, there was also a discussion on trade and economy with Iran, Pakistan has always tried to have good relations with all our countries.

A spokesman for the Foreign Office added that Pakistan and Iran have similar views on many issues, especially on the Gaza issue, both countries have a principled stance Iran has always spoken about Kashmir as well.

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