Sardar Sarovar Dam is overflowing for the third day in a row GeoTv News


The Sardar Sarovar Dam on the Narmada River in Gujarat continued to overflow for the third consecutive day on Tuesday, September 19, setting off alarm bells across the region.

As of this morning, the dam authorities reported an inflow of 5.19 lakh cusecs of water.

In response to this influx, 3.43 lakh cusecs of water were released downstream of the Narmada River, with an additional 18,593 cusecs directed into the main Narmada canal system to support important irrigation needs.

In Akha village of Junagadh district, the NDRF team rushed into action to carry out rescue operations. This led to the recovery of an elderly citizen and four other villagers who were stranded in different locations.


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