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Saudi Arabia’s big announcement for Indian citizens, easy to get visa GTN News

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Indian citizens will no longer need to submit a police clearance certificate for Saudi visa application. Due to this regulation, people going to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia were facing great difficulties.

IANS file photo
IANS file photo


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In a tweet, the Saudi Arabian embassy in New Delhi, citing the “strong relationship and strategic partnership” between Saudi Arabia and India, said a police clearance certificate was a condition for obtaining visas for Indian citizens. It is being dismantled.

An immediate benefit of Riyadh’s move to remove the police clearance requirement for visas would be faster processing of applications for Indians seeking Saudi visas. This will also make it easier for tour companies to organize their tours, while visitors will also be freed from the hassle of collecting travel documents.

A police clearance certificate is a document that, if countries make it a condition for a visa, those who want to go abroad for work, residence or a long-term visa are not granted a visa without this certificate.

This travel document helps to detail the criminal records of citizens. However, getting such a certificate from the police authorities in India is tantamount to gambling and almost impossible to obtain without bribery.

Announcement from Saudi Arabia

On Thursday, the Saudi Arabian Embassy in India, while announcing the end of this condition, also referred to the good relations between India and Saudi Arabia in a tweet.

It said: “In view of the strong relationship and strategic partnership between Saudi Arabia and the Republic of India, the Kingdom has decided to exempt Indian citizens from presenting a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC).”

In its statement, the embassy added, “Indian citizens will no longer require a PCC to obtain a visa to travel to Saudi Arabia. This decision has been taken as part of efforts to further strengthen the relationship between the two countries. The Embassy also thanks cooperation of more than 2 million Indian citizens living peacefully in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

India’s reaction

The Indian authorities welcomed this decision. In its response, the Indian embassy in Riyadh said India “thanks the government of Saudi Arabia for its decision to exempt Indian nationals from the Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) arriving in their kingdom.” This will create a lot of ease for the Indian community of around 2 million people in Saudi Arabia.

Relations between India and Saudi Arabia have strengthened significantly in recent years and cooperation in the political, security, energy, trade, investment, health, food security, cultural and defense sectors has increased considerably.

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman had planned to visit India this month to meet his counterpart Narendra Modi. However, the tour was canceled due to scheduling issues. He was on his way to the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia.

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