Shainnis Palacios from Nicaragua has been crowned Miss Universe 2023 GeoTv News

EL SALVADOR: Nicaraguan Sheynnis Palacios emerged victorious at the 72nd edition of the Miss Universe pageant held in El Salvador on Saturday, securing the coveted title in a historic victory for her country. The 23-year-old beauty queen was crowned Miss Universe 2023, receiving the prestigious crown and sash from her predecessor, R’Bonney Gabriel of the United States.

This groundbreaking achievement marks the first time a Nicaraguan contestant has won the Miss Universe title. The runners-up in the competition were the Thai Antonija Porsild and the Australian Moraya Wilson, who occupied the first three positions.

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Palacios, known for her qualities of humility and appreciation for the small things, triumphed over 84 contestants in the week-long competition series, with segments such as evening gown, swimsuit and national dress.

During the final question posed by the judges, Palacios emphasized the importance of equal pay regardless of gender, advocating that women have the opportunity “to work in any field.” She asserted, “There are no restrictions on women.”

The contest took place on a large stage in the newly renovated Adolfo Pineda National Gymnasium in the capital, San Salvador. The gala, which was also attended by the President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, also brought the announcement that the next edition of Miss Universe will be hosted in Mexico.

The event celebrated not only the beauty and grace of the contestants, but also highlighted important social issues through the answers of the finalists.

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