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South Korea appoints artificial intelligence news anchors

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In a recent development in South Korea, the provincial government of Jeju Island has introduced virtual news anchors powered by artificial intelligence (AI). These digital presenters, including Jana, have been employed to host a weekly YouTube program at a fraction of the cost compared to human anchors.

Jana, the virtual news anchor, may seem remarkably adept and professional despite her youthful appearance. However, she is not a real person but rather a computer-generated avatar controlled by a private contractor. Additionally, the news content read by Jana is also generated by AI language models, such as ChatGPT.

The cost-effectiveness of employing virtual news anchors is evident, with the island state disclosing that the monthly expenses for this option, including news production scripts, amount to only 600,000 Korean won, equivalent to approximately 450 US dollars. This move underscores the growing trend of utilizing AI-driven solutions in media production to optimize efficiency and reduce costs.

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