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Suspicion of tampering with PSL tickets, investigation started by PCB officials

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LAHORE (Newsdesk) Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has alleged that Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) officials are misusing tickets for Pakistan Super League (PSL) and international cricket matches Start investigation.

According to sources, the investigation was initiated following complaints of misconduct in the sale of tickets by some PCB officials There are allegations of misuse of funds.

The FIA ​​officials in Lahore summoned a person to “give a statement” in connection with the investigation and detained the e-ticketing chief, alleging theft of Rs 80,000 from PSL e-ticket sales.

Najam Sethi took to social media platform X (formerly Twitter) to express his “concern” over the ill-treatment of PCB staff during the raid. He accused the FIA ​​officials of misconduct.
UWB Matters: I do not like to comment on UWB matters lest my motive be misinterpreted, the former UWB boss wrote. But this time I feel compelled to point out a serious injustice to a valued professional at UWB.
Full story:
1. Yesterday, FIA attacked the PCB office, misbehaved with the staff, and attacked the Head of Tickets Ms. Mehwish Umar.
2. Mehwish played an important role in the development of Pakistan cricket in terms of ticket management in EPSL and then after the return of international cricket in Pakistan.
3. He was accused by FIA of embezzling PKR 80,000. To give you context, PSL 2023 sales were around 60 crores. This claim is unfounded.
4. The claim was made by BookMe – a ticketing company that lost the contract in a transparent bidding process organized by the PCB. After losing the application, the concerned ticket company filed appeals in the appropriate forums and lost those appeals.
5. It is sad that a valued professional at UWB has been treated with such contempt and sympathy all because of the personal grudges of one party who have used their own resources to carry out this madness.
6. My sympathies go to Mehwish who has been traumatized by the FIA.
7. I request the Chairman PCB.@MohsinnaqviC42 to investigate this matter and do justice.

Najam Sethi, during the return of international cricket in Pakistan, said that the role of head of e-ticketing is essential in managing the development of PSL and e-ticket sales. The former chairman said that the allegations against the arrested head teacher were unfounded. He presented the substantial income from the sale of PSL tickets as proof of any theft.

He pointed out that the theft was blamed on a ticket company which lost the contract to handle online ticket sales after a transparent bidding process by the PCB. Najam Sethi demanded an inquiry into the matter by the current chairman of PCB, Mohsin Naqvi.

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