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The British Prime Minister’s announcement of early general elections in the country on July 4

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London (Newsdesk) The British Prime Minister, Rishi Sonak, has announced a snap national election on July 4, where his ruling Conservative Party is likely to suffer a massive defeat from the opposition Labor Party after 14 years in power.

Rishi Sonak, 44, announced outside his residence at 10 Downing Street that he would call the polls earlier than expected, Reuters reported, ending months of speculation about the timing of new election announcements.

This is a risky strategy as his party is far behind in the polls.

Rishi Sonak has not only fallen well behind Labor in the polls, but is running a campaign isolated from his own party and relying on a small team of advisers which so far has been unsuccessful.

But they seem to have decided that with some economic gains, such as inflation falling and the economy growing at its fastest pace in almost three years, it is time to take a risk and vote for voters to deliver their agenda formally for a new term.

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The former investment banker and finance minister took over as prime minister less than two years ago. Since then, he has struggled to explain what he came to power for, frustrated that what he sees as his achievements is being ignored by the public And has not been accepted by the opposition.

Both parties have started campaigning for the election, and preparations for economic and defense attacks on each other have already been completed.

Rishi Sonak and his government accuse Labor of raising taxes if it comes into government and says the party will not be able to defend Britain strongly in an increasingly dangerous world because it lacks planning, the opposition has denied these allegations.

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