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The country’s economic situation is improving with joint efforts, Prime Minister

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Islamabad: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has said that the economic situation is improving due to joint efforts of 2 months and surely this economy boat will be put ashore with joint efforts Speaking at the Federal Cabinet meeting, the Prime Minister said that our Exports and payments have increased, while capital deals with Saudi Arabia and other countries are progressing rapidly He said that decisions have been made to reduce the theft of electricity and transmission lines, yesterday the a track about cigarettes. it was found that the tracking and tracing system was contracted in 2019, in the first stage only cigarettes and later fertilizers, sugar and other sectors were added, but this tracking and tracing system was nothing but a complete fraud for cigarettes has been of sufficient benefit. I have never seen a contract like this system in my life, taking tolls is the job of FBR, they are asked to pay the tolls by investing their own money He said that FBR is earning billions, so this money has to be. comes to the national treasury, if this money is not brought to the national treasury, we have no right to govern From 2019 to today, the responsible parties will be determined, a committee has been formed to investigate to the operation of the track and tracking system, billions of trillions of income could have been wasted He said that the cement factory will be good people too, but the factory owners were told to install this system with their own money, which could be more offensive to the factory. owners The Prime Minister said that the stamp system was done for 2 years There was fraud in it, FBR would have spent 10 billion leaving 1 billion so that 1000 billion would come to the treasury, in 2019 there was a government that put a label on everyone and they themselves are washed with milk, a government I don’t know from where it was cleared and passed Earlier, the Federal Cabinet under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif held a meeting in Islamabad where, on . the recommendation of the Ministry of Law and Justice, Makran Division to deal with anti-narcotics cases in the province of Balochistan It was approved to establish an additional special court The jurisdiction of this special court will extend to the districts of Panjgur, Kech, Gwadar, Hub and Lasbela. The cabinet directed that distinguished judges should be appointed in the special court and that the prosecution process should be made more effective. can avail schools, bank accounts and other facilities in Pakistan. These POR card holders will be repatriated in the third phase of the program to repatriate foreign nationals living illegally in Pakistan, while the Federal Secretary for Privatization will be repatriated to Pakistan without any identification documents Cabinet briefing regarding the recent progress of the PIA privatization process. The Cabinet issued directives to give key importance to the element of transparency in the privatization of PI. The Cabinet took a briefing from the Aviation Secretary on the recent measures to improve Pakistan’s airport facilities, particularly in Lahore and Karachi. The cabinet was informed that the service counters at the airports have been increased and that work to further improve the facilities is progressing in the final stages and will soon be presented to the Cabinet for approval decisions and taken in session on 18 April 2024 on Legislative Proceedings.

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