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The first image was received from the Pakistani iCube Qamar satellite

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ISLAMABAD: The first image taken by IQ Qamar, the Pakistani satellite sent to the moon, has started taking pictures of the moon and the first image taken by it has been officially handed over to the Pakistani ambassador . Sunlight can be seen in this first image of Qamar’s iCube. ICube Qamar has been successfully placed in a stable orbit of the Moon. iCube Qamar is functioning as per all the specified parameters Earlier, experts said that it may take about a week to check all the sub-systems before the satellite imaging system becomes operational, after which iCube Qamar will launch to the Moon to be received by May 15 or 16. The Chang’e-6 mission has entered lunar orbit under the influence of the Moon’s gravity and the next step is to send the Chang’e- lander and ascension 6 to the south pole of the Moon. Landing will be done on the back side. The main lander will then separate from the Chang’e-6 mission on June 1, after which the Chang’e-6 mission will collect soil and rock samples from the lunar surface on June 2. The Chang’e-6 mission will 6 will return on June 4. begins In this regard, the Chang’e 6 mission will dock on June 6 and return to Earth on June 25 after completing the 53-day mission in accordance with the program.

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